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We’re closing in on two years on the farm.  It’s a lot to swallow when you’re thrown into the mix as quickly as I was.  The upside is that you learn fast.  Some of the things I’ve picked up this year:  How to plant, fertilize and harvest four different kinds of crops (corn, wheat, soybeans and milo), what’s involved in developing corn/soybean hybrids for insect/herbicide resistance while simultaneously altering plant genetics to increase yield and that learning to market your commodities can be a very challenging task.

I’ve met a hundred or so new faces just from being involved with our seed business.  This has helped me “plug-in” to Blackwell.  Having a few OSU grads around make the transition more comfortable.  The Wooderson’s and Braly’s have deep ties in the area which quickly familiarize locals to my affiliation and in doing so has spoken volumes to the reputation of hard work and honorable conduct over many generations.

It’s no surprise that I lower the average age of farmers, which means I am dubbed the token “whipper-snapper”.  This is great for my waistline, but can make for an exhausting day, month, year…for the next decade or so.  I lost fifteen pounds in the first three months here.  I have since gained it back through the holidays, but have a plan to keep it off next winter.

Laura and I have continued to have a passion to do music and are currently pursuing the production of a monthly worship experience.  Nothing has been secured (except the name and the band), but is looking like it will be held in the Marland Mansion of Ponca City on some Tuesday night of the month at 7:00pm.  We are very excited about this and would love for you to join us in prayer about it.

I guess this will do for catching you up on the events of the past year.  I didn’t forget to let you in on the happenings of my wonderful wife and kid(s).  Check out Laura’s blog for what’s going on in our other life.

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