DEKALB®Genuity® Roundup Ready®

Winter Canola


  • DEKALB® Genuity® Roundup Ready® winter canola products offer farmers one of the best crop rotation solutions for wheat
  • Providing increased profit potential with cleaner, and higher quality wheat
  • Improved control of key weeds that affects wheat production
  • The introduction of Sulfonylurea Residual Tolerant (SURT™) Roundup Ready products further enhances farmer flexibility by protecting winter canola from residual carryover of wheat sulfonylurea chemistries

Spring Canola


Performance Ready™

  • The Performance Ready designation is provided to those Genuity® Roundup Ready® spring canola products that out-yielded InVigor® checks by at least a 5% margin across all trial locations. Performance Ready out-yielded InVigor checks in 60% or more of the trial locations
  • DEKALB® spring canola provides 3 top performing brands with the Performance Ready designation
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